Madeleine Gray is a medieval historian with close links with a number of heritage and community organisations and is an honorary research fellow of the National Museum of Wales.

She has published extensively on late medieval and early modern history with a particular focus on visual evidence for the history of religious belief and practice.

She appears regularly on television and radio, and is currently working on a survey of medieval tomb carvings in Wales.

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  2. I’m glad you ‘walked the walk’ after all that ‘talking the talk!!’. Of course, mentioning Llangiwg brings memory of dear Jenny, late of Garth and founder of the Friends of Llangiwg. But, probably unbeknown to you, I have a connection to Y Baran also. I totally rebuilt the wall around that lovely old chapel on the hill; in fact it was one of my first ‘paid’ jobs back in 1994. I’m enjoying your walking tales and lovely photos – what a lot of dry stone walls there seems to be along the Cisterian Way !!

    • Hello again. We’re hoping to move on with the Carmarthenshire section of the route – there is now a ferry from Ferryside to Llanstephan again, which makes it all a lot more doable. St Illtyd Walk to above Llanelli and find a way to cut across via the Gwendraeth.

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