Back to Bedwas – the best route (probably?)

Nell and I have now had several goes at the tracks from the ridge above Bedwas down towards the church. The problems are –

  • The tracks aren’t rights of way and the rights of way often aren’t paths;
  • It’s a very steep hill and the paths tend to turn into streams;
  • Lots of the paths are blocked by fences and deep culverts draining the coal tips. Some of the fences are worn down and you can scramble over them and across the culverts, in dry weather – but it isn’t something we can recommend ;
  • This isn’t walking country, and it is motorbike scrambling country – which means fields are fenced off and gates are wired up.

We had great hopes of the paths that are marked on the map cutting across from the tip on Twyn yr Oerfel to the street above Bedwas church, but this started with a very steep scramble down a badly eroded dirt track through the coal tip. Then it was blocked in several places and even after a very hot and dry few days it was a real stream bed at the bottom. Nell thought this was great



but it would probably be impassable in wet weather.

So the route to go for is the one over the Mynydd Machen ridge to Twyn yr Oerfel in then the route down the hill from Twyn yr Oerfel in .

Now all I have to do is write it up for the actual web site and translate it into Welsh. This will be very good for me.

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