We are a Charity!

The great news is that (thanks to John Winton’s efforts and perseverance) we are now a charity – Registered Charity Number 1178491. This means we can move forward with things like applying for development funding.

Field work is still tricky but I have been going over old notes and doing some updates to the web site. The new route from Ponterwyd to Machynlleth suggested and described in detail by Ceredigion Ramblers is there. This means that we have a good route through Ceredigion from Lampeter to Machynlleth. There are also plans for a revised route from Machynlleth to Dolgellau – a little longer but with less road walking and scope for a diversion over Cader Idris.

Meanwhile, National Parks Wales have put together a position statement and priority actions related to the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act.This is clearly going to be relevant for the Snowdonia National Park section of the route – from Machynlleth to Conwy. This could be our next target for development. Much of that section is sorted but there is some fine tuning and checking to be done. We have been told that Snowdonia NP are keen to develop projects that lead people away from the central mountain core around Snowdon itself and to explore other parts of the Park. This could be where we come in.

It will also inspire us to think about the north-west extension of the route to Aberconwy Abbey’s original location, somewhere south of Caernarfon. This in turn would link back to the North Wales Pilgrims’ Way to Bardsey. Watch this space.


2 thoughts on “We are a Charity!

  1. It is interesting to read that you are hoping to develop the trail between Lampeter and Machynlleth.
    It gives us inspiration for our now closed Old St Suliens’ church, two miles North of Lampeter. The Cistercian trail passes through the village of Silian and is one of the main ideas for development that our group ‘Menter Silian’ would like to link in with, along with possibly providing champing facilities for walkers and cyclists.

    • Champing would be brilliant! Email me – my name is Madeleine Gray, my email address is on the University of South Wales web site – and we can talk further. I’m also in touch with Kay Davies of Lampeter Ramblers who has been very helpful about the actual route.
      As things stand at the moment the Charity Commission have told us we can’t actually make recommendations of places to stay etc on the route, but we think we can mention them and make clear that we aren’t allowed to recommend but this is something we have heard about etc … So if you get the champing thing going, let us know and we can put it on the web site.

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