Visions and revisions

Back to Capel-y-ffin for a final check of possible footpaths off the old road down the valley to Llanthony. One correction: three stone stiles (not two) on the path across the fields south of Capel-y-ffin before you pick up the old trackway past The Vision farm.

At SO 27544 29793 you can follow the waymarked path to the left, bearing left across the fields and above Trevelog farm.


The path has been re-routed to bypass the farmyard: head for about SO 27894 29711 and follow the waymarks across the stream,


bear right up the bank


and head for the double stile into the woods at SO 27845 29466.


The path is overgrown through the woods:


bear slightly to the right and pass below the ruined barn of Deri-duon


and the line of the path becomes clearer past SO 27847 29148 and through the yard of Llwyn-on Farm.


At SO 27929 28860 the gate is currently damaged and wired up and you are asked to turn left and go through a black iron gate.


Continue on the same line past SO 27997 28789 and SO 28099 28639. Pass above Broadley Farm and keep on the same line past SO 28292 28423. At SO 28415 28343 cross a stile by a gate. Walk along the lower edge of the woods and ford a small stream. Cross a stile out of the woods at SO 28482 28271 and bear right across the next field, past the new barns to rejoin the road down the valley at SO 28498 28092.

The path is mostly well stiled and waymarked. However, you have to ford several streams.


It can be very muddy, especially around the gates, and there are several steep and potentially dangerous scrambles up the stream banks.


(there is a stile at the top of that bank – getting there is the challenge)

In wet weather (and when isn’t it wet in Wales – if you can see the mountains, it is going to rain, if you can’t see them, it is raining …) the road is a much easier alternative, and it’s easier to look at the view.


You can compromise by walking along the road to SO 27732 29423, taking the green lane straight ahead, then go left through the gate at SO 27800 29048 (not waymarked but a right of way)


and walk up to your left across the field to rejoin the footpath at SO 27870 28961, just before Llwyn-on. This avoids the worst of the mud and the scrambles.

Time yet for a hundred indecisions
And for a hundred visions and revisions
Before the taking of a toast and tea.

(Eliot always has the words for it. You might get toast and tea at the Half-Moon or the  Llanthony Priory Hotel.)


4 thoughts on “Visions and revisions

  1. Excellent survey photographs but so much of the route appears to be unusable because of obstruction of one form or another and its not really acceptable to be redirected along the metaled highway as an alternative, even if the view is better! The message these pictures convey is much to powerful for them to simply exist here in cyberspace! How about sharing them directly with the Local Authority concerned and for good measure Natural Resources Wales, who I understand has oversight of these matters in Wales?

  2. It’s all going on the web site when I can get it translated. Meanwhile, the route along the road and lanes is actually the one for you – I should have said that in the blog post – as it’s a RUPP and well used by horses. The local authority has done their best with the route across the fields – the obstacles are all natural (streams, steep banks). If we can raise the funding we’d like to get steps and footbridges in but the problem is that there are other areas where the footpaths are unusable and there really isn’t any alternative.

  3. Thank you so much for your reply. As a person interested in subject of access to the countryside I do take seriously the matter of access for all, as in all ages and abilities by whatever means possible, but have to accept that sometimes there are limitations on what is realistic. However, your photographs show paths to be obstructed and you refer to others as unusable which is clearly unacceptable to all of us interested in Public Rights of Way. I do not consider the natural obstacles to which you refer as the real problem and all too often they become a distraction from the real business of path maintenance. The introduction of steps and footbridges to which you refer are themselves maintenance intensive and are therefore counterproductive in the longer term. It is a sad fact that Authorities have in the past been able to secure external funding (and no doubt will endeavor to do so in the future) for such new furniture, whereas that is not possible for the basic everyday work that is clearly not being done here. I feel it is a shame on all of us that more notice is not being taken of this bleak picture you post of the state of our Rights of Way in Wales.

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