Earlswood and Wentwood

Andy Delmege is back on track with his pilgrimage and already thinking about how to fill in the gaps. On Tuesday we had a lovely service in Tintern with the Friends of Our Lady of Tintern and on Wednesday he walked west to Caerleon. Nell and I joined him to walk through Earlswood and up the first slope into Wentwood as I wanted to check some of the paths. All went well – the muddy bit at Coed Llwyfos was passable and the minor roads were very quiet.

From the Earlswood chapel you continue along the road then at ST 44447 94795 when the metalled road bears right you go left. There is a footbridge across the stream just to the right of the ford.


Nell liked the stream.


Over the bridge, turn right. The bridleway bears left up a steep slope


then left again


and through a gate.


Here the line of the waymarked bridleway looks a little different on the ground from the 1:25,000 map. Through the gate, turn left and walk a little way along a forest track, looking out for a waymarked path to the right.


This takes you up a muddy track.


When you emerge on the forest road at ST 44116 94791,


go straight on. At ST 43907 95007 turn left following the waymarks.


The forest road sweeps up with good views behind you to the Severn Bridge.


At ST 43333 95070, you meet two bridleways to the right.


Keep going to the clearing.


Andy took the path to the south of the clearing which is a good path, not technically a right of way but with waymarking posts for a promoted path. The bridleway goes to the right of the clearing and past the burial mounds and the radio mast to join the line of the old pilgrimage road from London to St David’s. The old road is now a muddy track which has been badly damaged by off-roading bikes but is now recovering.  You can follow it to the Usk Valley Walk and into Caerleon. The Usk Valley Walk should be well waymarked but there are a few gaps as a result of the extension of the Celtic Manor golf course – use your map and you will be fine.


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