Cwm Bodringallt

From Penrhys up the ridge and down the old Maerdy road to Pentre ( was a wonderful walk but a long way up the ridge, and a long plod up hill to scramble a long way down again. Also the track is badly damaged by motorbikes and off-road vehicles. Measuring out the route along Cwm Bodringallt, it’s about 2 km shorter and should be an easier walk. Time to try it out.

Start as for the route up the ridge: from the statue, take the road round the west of the estate, and turn left on a roughly metalled road at the top, between the sub-station and what remains of the sports centre, at grid reference ST 00027 95074. Walk up the metalled road and bear left along the forest edge. The road becomes a  rough track along the ridge. Follow it bearing slightly west of north with the fence and the wind farm to your left. You get the best of the views but without the last climb. At about SS 99221 96229 you cross the road to the wind farm. At SS 98589 96828 go through a gate in the fence to your left,

2016-05-04 10.28.39

2016-04-19 11.24.20

cross the road through the wind farm and take the track downhill just before the seventh of the eight turbines.

When you reach the gate at SS 98390 96289,

2016-05-04 10.41.28

don’t take the track ahead of you but turn left

2016-05-04 10.42.26

and walk across the fields down Cwm Bodringallt. At SS 98508 95830 you meet a stony track

2016-05-04 10.50.10

which continues down the valley. The current online OS map marks the bridleway on down the track and through the farmyard but the farm gate has a No Access sign. Instead, at SS 98457 95543 follow the waymark through the gate to your right

2016-05-04 10.56.12

but do not continue along the track to your right (this eventually leads to the tumbled ground of the land slip). Instead, turn left and follow the fence to your left. When the fence goes left, continue on the same line along the edge of the steep slope.

2016-05-04 12.03.35

Don’t be distracted by paths to the right but keep on the same line, going steeply downhill,

2016-05-04 12.07.32

through a gate and out to the lane behind the playground at SS 98285 95304.

Turn right on the lane. Cross the road at SS 98045 95328 and continue along the lane behind the houses and out onto the open hillside. Past the quarry, the lane goes steeply downhill through the heather, through a gate and into the trees, and emerges at the south end of Pleasant View (SS 97339 95436). Walk along the street for a few yards then down the steps to your left. Cross the road and railway bridge and walk into Ton Pentre.

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